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Judging List Information

The Society compiles a judging list each year in line with The Kennel Club mandatory requirements. Judging lists are  available from the Secretary for use by canine Societies when selecting judges. Applications for inclusion in the judging list must be made on the Society’s formal application only. The annual close off date for such applications is 31st March each year however, we will review applications as and when we receive them and alter the online judges list accordingly throughout the year.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR): Please note that successful applicants' names and contact details will be put on the NEWS website and sent to show societies for their use but will not be used for any other purpose. Should you wish any details not to be published, please contact the Secretary. Please read the NEWS GDPR Policy

The online Judges List is continually updated throughout the year. Last update 12th January 2022

Roll of Honour
Mrs M Brennan (Amtrak), Mr A Burgoin (Ragstone), Mr M Egan (Enryb), Mr A Fairlie (Tasairgid), Mr R M W Finch (Hansom), Mrs M E Holmes (Emmaclan), Mrs M Layton (Midlander), Mr N Newton (Nevedith), Mr C E Rayner (Raystans), Mrs G Smith (Pondridge), Mr J Taylor (Hepton)

NEWS Judges List

Judges Questionnaire

Completed questionnaires can ONLY be accepted on the official form & must be returned by March 31 each year and remember to include a copy of your certificates. However, the judges lists will be updated as & when necessary. If you wish to know the outcome of your application you MUST include a Self Addressed Envelope or a valid email address
Please see above statement regarding GDPR

Applying to be included on the North of England Weimaraner Society Judges List means you agree not to place, at any show, a blue dog purporting to be a Weimaraner.The Weimaraner Breed Standard is very clear "The only correct colour is grey. Silver grey preferable. Shades of mouse or roe grey are acceptable; blending to lighter shade on head and ears. Dark eel stripe frequently occurs along back. Whole coat gives an appearance of metallic sheen. Small white mark  permissible on chest. White spots resulting from injuries not penalised. 

Any other colour including blue highly undesirable. “Any other coat colour is registered as ‘Colour not recognised by The Kennel Club' and should be considered a serious fault. 

Any judge on the NEWS Judges List who is found to have placed a blue dog will be removed from the List with immediate effect.

The correct silver grey Weimaraner colour

A blue dog purporting to be a Weimaraner.  This is NOT a Weimaraner colour

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Judges Education Programme

A new system has been developed for the education, approval and listing of every level of judge, from those who aspire to judge, right through to open show judges, plus those who go on to award Challenge Certificates, judge championship show groups and best in show. The system has been designed taking into account the feedback received from exhibitors, show societies and judges. 

Level 1
Requirements to meet this level:                    
1. Minimum of five years proven interest in pedigree dogs 
2. Attend a requirements of a dog show judge seminar (but not mandatory to take and pass examination)
3. Attend a conformation and movement seminar
4. Complete a minimum of two full-day stewarding appointments 
Eligibility to judge - Up to three classes (four if one is a puppy class) for any breed at limited or open shows. 

Level 2
Requirements to meet this level
First breed                    
1. Take and pass requirements of a dog show judge examination 
2. Pass points of a dog assessment
3. Attend a breed appreciation day (BAD) and pass a multiple-choice examination (MCE) for the respective breed
4.View ring stewarding seminar and take online quiz
5. Complete critique writing seminar and take online quiz 
Subsequent breeds:
1. Attend a breed appreciation day (BAD) and pass a multiple-choice examination (MCE) for each breed. Note: Not mandatory for group judge for breeds in the group that they are not approved at level 4, but attendance strongly recommended 

Eligibility to judge - Unlimited number of classes for the respective breed at limited, open or championship shows (no CCs) Any variety classes, groups and best in show at limited shows 

Level 3
Requirements to meet this level

1. Undergo minimum of three mentoring sessions with a minimum of 12 months between first and third session 
2. Be observed judging a breed club show, breed supported entry show or championship show without CCs
3. Complete remaining 10 full-day stewarding appointments (onetime qualification)
4. Have owned/bred a minimum of three dogs when they obtained  their first entry in The Kennel Club Stud Book ? save for exceptional circumstances (one-time qualification for first breed in which a judge awards CCs)
5. Attended the appropriate sub-group field trial/open gundog working test for first gundog breed or ring procedure at licensed shows (German Shepherd Dog education programme) online exam (one-time qualification)
6. Have achieved the relevant hands-on experience in line with the stated requirements for the relevant stud book band: 
Band A minus1 - 15 dogs
Band A - 20 dogs
Band B - 35 dogs
Band C - 60 dogs
Band D - 90 dogs
Band E - 125 dogs
For those breeds with varieties:
Dachshund: 250 Dachshunds of any combination of the six varieties 
Poodle: 150 Poodles of any combination of Poodle (Miniature), Poodle (Standard) and Poodle (Toy), which must include a minimum of 30 of each variety
German Spitz: 70 German Spitz of any combination of German Spitz (Klein) and German Spitz (Mittel)
Fox Terrier: 70 Fox Terriers of any combination of Fox Terrier (Smooth) and Fox Terrier (Wire)
Bull Terrier: 80 Bull Terriers of any combination of Bull Terrier and Bull Terrier (Miniature)
Belgian Shepherd Dog: 70 Belgian Shepherd Dogs, any combination of Groenendael, Tervueren, Malinois and Laekenois
Chihuahua: 200 Chihuahuas, any combination of Long Coat or Smooth Coat
Schnauzer: Following extensive discussion with the breed clubs it has been decided to treat these as three separate breeds for CC approval purposes and questionnaires will be required to be submitted by a judge to award CCs in each size. Therefore, the required number of dogs for each size will be based on the respective stud book band. This arrangement will continue under JEP

The following types of event may be used to claim hands-on experience numbers:
* Breed classes at championship shows without CCs
* Breed classes at open shows Breed classes at limited shows 
* Mock/training classes at breed club shows (practical judging days) - only one occasion can be claimed and a     maximum of five dogs
* Dogs judged at Kennel Club approved assessments, maximum of five dogs - only one occasion and a maximum of five dogs. Cannot be used in addition to mock classes
* Dogs judged at inter or intra-club single-breed matches             
*Special award classes at breed club shows 
* Supported entry
* Dogs judged at single breed dog of the year competitions
* Overseas appointments

Dogs judged at the following types of event may not be included in a judge?s hands-on experience:
* AVNSC and variety classes
* At fun days
* Conjointly with other judges at events where the candidate  judge is not required to give independent judgment on  the dogs
* Any JEP mentoring sessions
1 Those breeds designated band A minus are: Australian Cattle Dog; Australian Terrier; Basset Griffon Vendeen (Grand); Bloodhound; Bouvier Des Flandres; Brittany; Finnish Spitz; Glen of Imaal Terrier; Ibizan Hound; Kerry Blue Terrier; Lakeland Terrier; Mastiff; Norwegian Buhund; Norwich Terrier; Otterhound; Pharaoh Hound; Polish Lowland Sheepdog; Retriever (Chesapeake Bay); Sealyham Terrier; Skye Terrier; Spaniel (Irish Water); Swedish Vallhund; Welsh Terrier.
Eligibility to judge - Unlimited number of classes for the respective breed at limited, open or championship shows (no CCs) 
Any variety classes groups and best in show at limited shows 
Level 4
Requirements to meet this level
1. Attend and passed a breed-specific assessment for the specific breed run by The Kennel Club

1. Eligibility to judge Award Challenge Certificates in the respective breed
2. Any variety classes, groups and best in show at open and limited shows

The Breed Education Coordinator for Weimaraners  is Debbie Wallwork 

Weimaraner Mentors

Breed Show Judges Training Show 

'F' Regulations 

Code of Best Practice for Judges & Stewards

Kennel Club Code of Conduct